Ebook design shines light on cosmology

This eBook for the Royal Astronomical Society is a basic introduction to the history of the universe from the Big Bang around 13.7 billion years ago, to the present day – and beyond. In easy-to-read chunks illustrated with photographs and diagrams, you can find out how we know the universe is expanding, how planets are built, why the sky is dark at night, and more.
Download the eBook from the RAS website.

Wainy Wonders are recipe for success in The Guardian

I had an article published in The Guardian’s ‘Family’ section on 10 March 2012. You can read ‘We love to eat’ towards the bottom of the page here.

Website for journalist makes its mark

I have designed (and also host) a new website for freelance journalist Mark Rowe to show off his work. Even though he can write about complex technical subjects such as nanotechnology in paint, he admits to being a technophobe – so the solution had to be as simple as possible. I built the site using WordPress and after a little training he can now easily update it himself.
See the results at markrowe.eu

New website is as easy as ABC

I’ve just finished refreshing the website for high-tech PR company Avon Business Communications. They wanted a simple, clear site that they can easily update themselves. Have a look at it here: abccoms.com.

Astronomy & Geophysics (April 2011)

AAG_Apr11_cover AAG_Apr11_page
The latest issue of the Royal Astronomical Society's house journal has been published. This is a bimonthly magazine, 40 pages, in full colour, for which I do all the design and production work.