Paul Johnson, black and white
Thanks for visiting my website.
I ceased trading as Higgs Boson Communications Ltd in 2021, and have retired from doing the type of work described on this site.
Thank you to all who gave me work, worked with me or supported me through the 20-odd years when I was self-employed/freelance.
If you'd like to get in touch, please email me via the Contact page. (But don't bother if you're hoping Higgs Boson will be interested in your phone system, energy supply, accountancy services etc!)
One of the things I am doing now is exploring family history, specifically letters written by my grandparents before and during the second world war which tell a moving love story from a different time; see Arthur and Stella: A Wartime Love Story In Letters.

As Higgs Boson Communications, I provided professional and friendly publishing services from small proofreading jobs to print-buying and design for brochures and magazines.
I have worked as a journalist, designer and trainer, and ran the magazine production department for the Institute of Physics Publishing for several years.
I managed print projects for clients as diverse as the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS), HMV and Waterstone's, but had a particular interest in working with clients in the science and technology field. My attention to detail seemed particularly appreciated in this area, and I was production editor of RAS magazine Astronomy & Geophysics for 25 years.
I worked as a freelance both from my home office in Bristol then in Ilkley, and in clients' offices, using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
For an (out-of-date) taste of the style and variety of my work, see my portfolio.
Paul Johnson